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Jan 7 / jfletcher

Master plan.

I’ve written a lot about my bedroom on this blog before (mostly about how I love white bedding), but I’ve never really done anything to it. Until now. Since updating the Kitchen, I’ve become really aware of how unfinished our upstairs is. Our bedroom consists of a ginormous bed, and mis-matched furniture from my single days. That’s about it. It has no real character or style.

Enter Jenna Lyons. I’ve always loved Jenna Lyons’ bedroom. From the dark walls, to the minimal bedding, it’s a room that I would love to wake up in. And it’s also a room that I think is obtainable. Especially since I think we already have a pretty good start. Check out my plan below. Inspired by and based on Jenna’s bedroom.

1. We already have a pair these Arteriors lamps (now discontinued) that were returned from a client job. When a client doesn’t want/like something, often times it takes more effort and costs more money to return it. So, I end up keeping it to resell to another client. In this case, the client is me!

2. Even though I love my existing furniture, it doesn’t work. All of the pieces are old, the drawers stick, and nothing matches. We currently have a hefty dresser that eats up the whole room (will repurpose it somewhere else), a smaller chest that I use for a nightstand, and a bench that David uses as a nightstand. A bench. So, I’d like to upgrade to the Delano collection from Room and Board. Two nightstands and a dresser. Their walnut finish is to die for.

3. We’ve been using my grandparents headboards (a pair of upholstered twin headboards they used in their guest room seen here) and as much as it kills me to say this, I think it’s time for something new. This one is cheap, neutral and has tufting. That’s why I like it.

4. Something we already have. 3 Serena and Lily Coral Border Frame Euro shams.

5. Here’s where I think the biggest impact will come from. Jenna’s bedroom is black and I just don’t have it in me to go that dark, so I picked a deep gray instead. Kendall Charcoal by Ben. Moore.

6. I have this Sunburst mirror from Global Views but it’s silver. Thinking about spraying it gold to pop off the gray wall. A little DIY action. I hope I don’t regret this…

7. My Pendleton blanket! Man, I love this thing. This is really where my main inspiration comes from. And the color and pattern remind me of the rug in Jenna’s room.

8. At the moment, we use a blue ticking stripe duvet cover from Ikea over our bed to protect it from our dog, Gus.  And we use white sheets. But I’m thinking of reserving these. A white duvet (a super washable one) at the foot of the bed, and these pinstripe sheets from Mark and Graham.  Monogrammed? I think so!

Not pictured: Shades and rug. These are still TBD. But I’m thinking of getting basic white soft shades for our two windows, and using our sable cow hide rug.

First things first. Paint. And then the Room and Board furniture. I’ll keep you posted!

Photo credits: Tom Selby for Vogue UK and design board by Cline Rose Designs.

Dec 5 / jfletcher

Ta Da!

And just like that I have a website! Well, not just like that. Lots of people (web designers, photographers, and my clients, to name a few) worked round the clock to get the website, and this blog, up and running. So, I’d like to send a special thanks to them.

I’m still working on the site (I need more portfolio examples!) and the blog will be undergoing some small changes too. So, if I disappear for while again you know why.

Please check out my website ( when you can. Also, please note the new blog address. Thanks again!! Joanna

Photo credit: BoomPomPom’s Esty shop

Sep 27 / jfletcher

Work and play.


David and I are off to San Francisco (with a short stay over in St. Louis on the way) with his parents for the weekend. Why the quick trip? Baseball. Baseball. David has got to see his Giants. Duh. Then we’re heading to Nevada to David’s parents home for a few days, where I will be helping select finishes for their new addition.

I mentioned earlier this week that I have lots going on at work, and I’m hoping to share those projects with you soon. I’ve been getting my olioboard on!

I’ll check in with you when we’re back. Happy weekend!

Photo credits: SF Girl by Bay and It can be a lover.

Sep 26 / jfletcher

Fall Enamel.

I absolutely flipped over the the cover of the September issue of InStyle when I saw it on shelves. I thought the colors were so amazing. The make-up, the accessories and the ensemble made me very, VERY excited for fall.

In particular, fall nail polish.


Meet my latest nail polish line-up, inspired by the InStyle cover. From left to right: “for the twill of it”, “carry on” (Repeat offender! This was my go-to color last year) and “twin sweater set”.

To kick off my fall manicure last week, I paired with “for the twill of it” (Metallic polish is big this fall) with “carry on” on my toes. Good start. But then, this week, I went with “carry on” on my nails (also a nod to our upcoming travel plans) with “twin sweater set” on my toes and I’m obsessed with the combination. It’s my new favorite. It reminds me of Lady Mary’s Emmy dress. I’m alittle nervous to try “twin sweater set” with “for the twill of it” but hey, Drew is certainly pulling it off!

Photo credits: InStyle and Essie

Sep 25 / jfletcher


I seem to have a thing for beds these days. I keep coming across images of bedrooms that I instantly fall in love with, pin, and/or rip out of magazines. I catch myself staring at all kinds of pretty bedrooms. Just like these. These are some of my favorites.


Left: This is Julia Hengel’s bedroom. She can do no wrong in my book. I’m using that duvet for a client, by the way. I can’t wait to see it in person.

Right: Another client had ripped this picture out of a mag to show me and I snapped a picture on my phone to show you! Sorry for the poor quality. I couldn’t find a better picture online. Does anyone know where it’s from?

Bottom: That’s a hotel room in Santa Monica. I want to go to there.

So, what do you think it says about me? Having a thing for beds? With the weather changing and the days getting shorter, I think it means I want to layer up and snuggle in. I also think it could mean I’m tired. Which I am. Just a little. This is my busy season. From now until the holidays. With so much going on, many things get pushed to the back burner, including blogging spending extra time in bed.

Photo credits: Ryan Ray for Rue, House Beautiful (I think) and Palihouse Santa Monica via Lonny.

Sep 13 / jfletcher

The White Party.

Today, I thought I’d share some picture of The White Party (slash kitchen-warming party) we hosted last month. Let’s take a trip back memory lane. I created this board to better illustrate my ideas for the party. And used it for my design meeting with my friend Laura, from Events in the City, who was nice enough to help me with the planning.

I knew I wanted to pair white with a color and kelly green was the winner. It’s pretty evident in my board, and in nature, and it’s a really fresh pairing. Once Laura suggested palm leaves instead of flowers, it all came together.

It’s also the uniform colors from the Saved By The Bell/Beach Club episodes. And nothing is more summery than those episodes.

Here are some pictures from the party set-up before guests arrived. We found those white chairs at Ikea and the sofa at West Elm. Since the party was in August, all of the summer things started going on sale. We got that sofa for half off! The green table was one we purchased at Miss Pixies a few years ago.

The original idea was to have the drink area on the patio, and the seating area down by the trees. But the yard slopes a bit, and no matter how we arranged the furniture, the chairs were at an angle. So, we flipped them.

I’ve had those green vases in my garage for 6 whole years. I purchased them to meet an opening order minimum but I have never been able to use them or find them a home. I think it’s because they were destined for this. I also bought some herbs to used around the party as extra foliage. And now I have myself a nice little herb garden!

Left: What’s a party without a custom hashtag these days? #partyplanning101

Right: I ordered some palm leaf and malachite pillow covers from Whitlock and Co’s Etsy Shop, and my mom came down one night to help me with the striped pillows in the back. I found all the pillow inserts on sale at Joanne’s. I plan to keep the striped pillows and the palm leave pillows outside (the palm leaf fabric is indoor/outdoor) but I’m going to repurpose the malachite inside somewhere. Or maybe for a client?

David was in charge of the bistro lights and he took his job very seriously. This was the third and final design he came up with.

On the Thursday before the party, the forecast was calling for rain. Lots of it. We panicked and ordered a tent off Amazon (with overnight shipping). As much as I was bitter about this last minute addition (definitely not in our budget), it made the party really official looking. And helped define the drink table/area.

Litte champagnes.

David has been on a Rickey kick this summer (it’s a whiskey drink) so he wanted to serve the drink at the party. So, we displayed an instruction card with the ingredients to the left.

I also made cucumber and mint water, as well as green apple sangria. The signs (for the drink and food) were designed by Laura and her trusted graphic designer out of Florida, Intrigue Design Studio.

Left: What’s a party without striped straws these days?

Right: Even though David insisted that the yellow DC Brau cans were better tasting, we had to stick to our theme!  And support the locals.

We had Lebanese Taverna (if your local or coming to visit GO THERE) cater the party. I made cupcakes. Nothing was left at the end of the night. And we officially broke in our kitchen!! After pictures of the kitchen coming soon!

We also officially broke in the bocce court that David and his friends have been working on all summer long.

I found some Mexican blankets that we used for extra seating by the bocce court.

And people actually used them! See how much fun we’re having. Except for that chick on her cell phone…

 Here’s the whole party (with the exception of my siblings and their families who left early) all dressed in white. Such a fun way to close out the summer and celebrate our kitchen!

A special thanks to Laura of Events in the City for all her help and prop donations! Thank you to all those that came, and to those that brought bubbly or other little gifts! We had a great time!

Photo credits: David Abizaid, Laura Ritchie, and Tim Walters.

Sep 10 / jfletcher


Tomorrow, I have an early morning wake-up call. I have to pick up Sara Tuttle and get on the road before 6:30, so we can get to Dixon’s Furniture in Crompton, MD in time for the auctions. The auctions start early. And shit is intense.

Sara and I went earlier in the summer and were totally overwhelmed with the amount of items for sale, how cheap it all was, and how quickly it went. When I say auction, I mean it. There’s a motor mouth auctioneer, people waiving there hands, and wads of cash being passed around. It’s a rush. And we’re doing it all over again tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the items we found last time:


I have a weakness for a pair of twin beds.


Even if I live in new construction, I will insist on antique crystal door knobs. #classic.

I had the White Party in mind when I saw these. Freshly painted, of course.


I love that little coral chair. Great velvet color.

Adorable pair of little yellow chairs would be great anywhere.

With so many TVs over fireplaces these days, it’s nice to see a traditional over-mantle.

Tennis doubles.

Oh hell yes.


This time, Sara and I decided we’re going to buy something. It’s happening. We know how it all works now, and we’re jumping in. We’re not sitting on the sidelines anymore. I have a list of things I’m “hunting down” for my clients and I don’t want to come home empty handed. Game faces. 

Photo credits: Me.

Sep 9 / jfletcher


I’ve been loving all the instagram photos of New York Fashion Week (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week if you want to get technical) but nothing, and I mean nothing, made me as happy as the pictures of DVF closing out her show. I love her.

Do you have a favorite so far?

Photo credits: Elle

Sep 6 / jfletcher

For sale.

One of my all time favorite homes in Alexandria, VA is up for sale. The original house was just the stone structure on the left (if I remember correctly) and the addition to the right is all new. I love how the architect mixed the old with the new. Unfortunately, the furnishings leave much to be desired  (image what I could do with this house?!) but the house itself is so cool. Check it out here.

Photo credits: Sotheby’s 

Aug 28 / jfletcher

Oak Island.

To close out this summer, we’re taking a little road trip this weekend with some friends to Oak Island, NC. First of all, can we talk about how the summer is already OVER? That’s just plain crazy. Second, let’s talk about Oak Island. I’ve never been nor do I know much about it. What about you??

I’ll be back in September to share with you what I’ve been working on all summer long.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Photo credits: Korduroy Blog