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Feb 6 / jfletcher

Before & After Volume One

I’m going to try to shift the focus of my blog to simply posting quick before and after shots of the projects I’m working on. Not a lot of text and only 2 pictures. The first showing the before and the second, the after. If you have any questions about the posts I’ll be happy to answer. Inspiration? Sources? That kind of thing. Just let me know. For now, check out this master bath…

The before:

Cline Rose Designs before

Cline Rose Designs 5

And the after!

There’s also a beautiful freestanding (sort of) claw foot tub and a distressed gray wood-like herringbone tile floor in this bathroom that I’ll share with you in another post. Another quick before and after post that is!

Photo credits: Abby Jiu


  1. Jacque / Feb 10 2015

    I love this bathroom. I’m pretty sure I’d take my next family Christmas picture in it. I especially love the light fixture! Where do you get one of those guys?

  2. Danielle / Feb 25 2015

    The bathroom is so beautiful and timeless. Would love to know where mirrors and hardware is from. Thank you!!

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