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Jul 15 / jfletcher

The freshness.

A client asked me to put together some accessories for her gorgeous white on white kitchen. And his is what I came up with! Here’s the deal. I’m emphasizing three key details: Jadite, lemons, and natural wood. These will add depth, warmth, and color, but still keep the kitchen airy and fresh. I love accessorizing kitchens with practical, useful things. Nothing bothers me more than a cluttered kitchen so why not decorate with an attractive version of something you will see and use everyday.

Kitchen Accessories

Let me explain the lemons. Lemons make great fillers. Instead of flowers, fill up a bowl with lemons. Not that I’m saying don’t have flowers, but in this case, do have lemons. Maybe even a dwarf lemon tree?!? Also, that’s Gwynnie’s cookbook cover. My collage program won’t let me zoom out of the image. I’m not suggesting you have GP in your Kitchen (although that’s not a terrible thing to have in your kitchen), it’s just representing the addition of a fun cookbook or two (or three…) that we’d leave out on the counter.

Collage credit: Me.