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Jul 14 / jfletcher

Bahamas. A million years later.

It’s hard to think that far back, but just a few months ago, DC was in a super slump of a winter. It was cold. It was long. It was just miserable. It was about that time that David and I were desperately trying to make last minute plans to go somewhere warm. And as luck would have it, the two of us were invited on a trip to the Bahamas with some friends**.

** You see, I had recently met Meg Biram through work (more on that soon!) and we instantly hit it off. Days later (yes days) we began planning a trip together. With our husbands. Who did not meet until we landed in the Bahamas. It’s this kind of weirdness that makes us all good friends. And made the trip a whole lot of fun.


This is our beach. The sand wins the best sand award. It was silky soft and a gorgeous shade of blush.

photo 2[1]


Our cute little house.

David fishing  David fishing again


Our first full day on the island was spent deep sea fishing. I caught the first fish. No big deal. That’s me and the deck hand (and my best friend) Mitchell.

8 fish

We ended up catching eight tuna. Again, not a big deal. Just dinner for the week! We could probably be on “Survivor”.



Our house was just down the beach from this great bar, Nippers. Beyonce and Jay-Z  have been known to hang here (before the elevator incident – thanks a lot Solange). We also checked out another cool place called, Grabbers, the first night. The Cloon (that’s what I like to call George Clooney) frequents that place. His fancy tequila is apparently behind the bar. I like the fruity drinks, myself.

Go Jo

Go Jo! Real American hero.

Me and David

David and I love to travel, and we’re always up for a new adventure. This was no exception. We spent our days at the beach (or on a boat), and played lots of cards by night. We came home well-rested (plenty of reading and napping), tan, and with a boat load of amazing memories.

Be sure to check out Meg’s blog for more info and photo fun!

Photo credits: Me and Meg Biram.



  1. Meg / Jul 15 2014

    I loved our Bahamas trip!!!

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