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Apr 1 / jfletcher

Back Porch Sitting.

We finally have a stretch of nice weather here in DC, so I’ve been thinking a lot about being outside. And my favorite place to be these days is our new back porch. It’s truly a porch, but we call it the fire escape because it’s really not that big. But it’s bigger (and better) than it was so I’m happy. Let’s recap.


Here’s a picture from our White Party last year that shows our old porch. The steps were so shallow and steep. Dangerously shallow and steep. And the metal awning was just the pits. It would rattle in the wind and echo even the tiniest of raindrops. Plus, it was just plain ugly.


So, we ripped both off and stared fresh. At first we were going to build a landing of about the same size, but at the last minute we decided to go bigger. The landing was 3′ x 3.5′ and now it’s about 5.5′ x  6′. Just enough for a chair (and to squeeze in a second chair). Gus likes it too. It’s getting painted tomorrow, P.S.

It really is a great spot for a little chair, so I’ve just got to find the perfect one. I’ve been looking for a lightweight, comfortable chair that will sit up there year round. So far these are my four favorites and I think chair #2 is taking home the gold.

 (12, 34)

In addition to the back porch, we’re also going to make a few other upgrades to the front portico. Here’s a little collage of things I’ll be using/would like to use on both porches.

1. I’d love to find something like this for my little herb garden (that continuously dies). Or maybe some hanging plants?

2. My brother is going to make us a new address plaque like this one. I found this one on Etsy. That is not our house number.

3. All the lights around the house are going to be replaced with this Lyndon sconce (in varying sizes) from Kichler.

4. We already have a few of these outdoor pillows from Whitlock and Co. and I’m thinking about getting a few more. And maybe one to sit on our new chair.

Photo credits: David Abizaid and Me.


  1. shershaw / Apr 12 2014

    Love these ideas, and the new back porch.
    Pls post pics once the steps are painted!

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