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Mar 24 / jfletcher

WIWO: Mill Street Master

So, full disclosure, I’m trying to figure out more creative ways to name my blog posts/projects. “Master Bedroom Update” or “Kitchen Remodel” just sounds lame after awhile. Jeff Lewis uses street names, so I think I’ll try that. I’d never share last names or even cities/states, so good luck trying to stalk my clients. Seriously, though. Don’t. The reason I want to label these projects with individual names is so that I can hashtag them on Instagram. Wouldn’t it be fun to categorize my pictures so you can see all the progress shots I post? I think so. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve got you covered. I just added a feature sharing my latest Insta photos on my blog. Look on the righthand side. Now scroll down. A little bit further. Stop! There! Right there! Take a look. And follow me if you want!

Okay, now back to my What I’m Working On (WIWO) post: The Mill Street Master Bedroom (#clinerosemillstreet) project. We’re like 98% done but before we talk about where we are today, let’s go back. Back to the beginning. This is where we started…

My clients asked to keep the bed (everything else could go). Other than that, they really only wanted a true retreat. Some place they could come home to at the end of a busy work day and feel relaxed. And they wanted a little glitz. So, I got to work blending the two ideas together.

You walk into the room through a small vestibule. Bedroom to the right and bath to the left. You can see the entrance in the picture above. My plan from the very beginning was to use a really fun, bold, bright wallpaper here to set the stage for the rest of the suite.  From there, with the color scheme set, I would layer in softer, more natural fabrics and decorative elements. And of course a little glam. Here’s my plan.

1. The wallpaper that started it all. I found this wallpaper from Romo’s Black Edition and immediately knew it was the one. My clients liked it too, but still asked to see a few more. We looked a couple other options but ultimately came back to this one. I was happy.

2. Lamps are a great way to add some glitz and glam. These Arteriors beauties are no exception.

3. My original plan called for these raffia covered nightstands from Bungalow 5 (more of that natural feel), but ultimately, my clients wanted something with a mirrored finish. And we could get away with a larger size, so we went for it.

4. After testing NUMEROUS paint colors, I ended up using Mt. Rainier Gray from Benjamin Moore on the walls and a shade lighter on the tray ceiling. Mt. Rainier Gray is the perfect blend of blue, green, and gray which is something we needed. It looks way off in the picture but it’s not.

5. Most of the fabrics we used came from John Robshaw’s collection for Durlaee (one of my all time favorite collections) and Jim Thompson’s No. 9 line (one of my favorite fabric companies). This is a John Robsahw fabric that we used for the custom coverlet. The back of the coverlet is a solid natural linen (without the embroidery) from Stout.

6. Accent fabric from Duralee/John Robshaw that was used for the oversized bolster.

7. The window treatment fabric from John Robshaw’s fabric collection for Duralee. Such a pretty fabric.

8. A last minute addition of a velvet chartreuse pillow from Villa Nova that sits on the chair. (Please note: The chair frame and upholstery are not pictured above).


Finally, here is a picture I snapped during the presentation showing some of the design elements together. This photo shows the striped upholstery fabric (top middle) from No. 9 that was used on this chair and ottoman.

Please note: The euro sham fabric from No. 9 is also not pictured (update your website, Jim!), nor is the duvet cover and standard shams from the Malu collection from Legacy Linens. You can’t see them here, but you will see them in the after pictures!

Photo credits: Me.   


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