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Sep 26 / jfletcher

Fall Enamel.

I absolutely flipped over the the cover of the September issue of InStyle when I saw it on shelves. I thought the colors were so amazing. The make-up, the accessories and the ensemble made me very, VERY excited for fall.

In particular, fall nail polish.


Meet my latest nail polish line-up, inspired by the InStyle cover. From left to right: “for the twill of it”, “carry on” (Repeat offender! This was my go-to color last year) and “twin sweater set”.

To kick off my fall manicure last week, I paired with “for the twill of it” (Metallic polish is big this fall) with “carry on” on my toes. Good start. But then, this week, I went with “carry on” on my nails (also a nod to our upcoming travel plans) with “twin sweater set” on my toes and I’m obsessed with the combination. It’s my new favorite. It reminds me of Lady Mary’s Emmy dress. I’m alittle nervous to try “twin sweater set” with “for the twill of it” but hey, Drew is certainly pulling it off!

Photo credits: InStyle and Essie


  1. Kathleen / Sep 26 2013

    I love Twin Sweater Set. Have it on my toes right now!

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