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Sep 13 / jfletcher

The White Party.

Today, I thought I’d share some picture of The White Party (slash kitchen-warming party) we hosted last month. Let’s take a trip back memory lane. I created this board to better illustrate my ideas for the party. And used it for my design meeting with my friend Laura, from Events in the City, who was nice enough to help me with the planning.

I knew I wanted to pair white with a color and kelly green was the winner. It’s pretty evident in my board, and in nature, and it’s a really fresh pairing. Once Laura suggested palm leaves instead of flowers, it all came together.

It’s also the uniform colors from the Saved By The Bell/Beach Club episodes. And nothing is more summery than those episodes.

Here are some pictures from the party set-up before guests arrived. We found those white chairs at Ikea and the sofa at West Elm. Since the party was in August, all of the summer things started going on sale. We got that sofa for half off! The green table was one we purchased at Miss Pixies a few years ago.

The original idea was to have the drink area on the patio, and the seating area down by the trees. But the yard slopes a bit, and no matter how we arranged the furniture, the chairs were at an angle. So, we flipped them.

I’ve had those green vases in my garage for 6 whole years. I purchased them to meet an opening order minimum but I have never been able to use them or find them a home. I think it’s because they were destined for this. I also bought some herbs to used around the party as extra foliage. And now I have myself a nice little herb garden!

Left: What’s a party without a custom hashtag these days? #partyplanning101

Right: I ordered some palm leaf and malachite pillow covers from Whitlock and Co’s Etsy Shop, and my mom came down one night to help me with the striped pillows in the back. I found all the pillow inserts on sale at Joanne’s. I plan to keep the striped pillows and the palm leave pillows outside (the palm leaf fabric is indoor/outdoor) but I’m going to repurpose the malachite inside somewhere. Or maybe for a client?

David was in charge of the bistro lights and he took his job very seriously. This was the third and final design he came up with.

On the Thursday before the party, the forecast was calling for rain. Lots of it. We panicked and ordered a tent off Amazon (with overnight shipping). As much as I was bitter about this last minute addition (definitely not in our budget), it made the party really official looking. And helped define the drink table/area.

Litte champagnes.

David has been on a Rickey kick this summer (it’s a whiskey drink) so he wanted to serve the drink at the party. So, we displayed an instruction card with the ingredients to the left.

I also made cucumber and mint water, as well as green apple sangria. The signs (for the drink and food) were designed by Laura and her trusted graphic designer out of Florida, Intrigue Design Studio.

Left: What’s a party without striped straws these days?

Right: Even though David insisted that the yellow DC Brau cans were better tasting, we had to stick to our theme!  And support the locals.

We had Lebanese Taverna (if your local or coming to visit GO THERE) cater the party. I made cupcakes. Nothing was left at the end of the night. And we officially broke in our kitchen!! After pictures of the kitchen coming soon!

We also officially broke in the bocce court that David and his friends have been working on all summer long.

I found some Mexican blankets that we used for extra seating by the bocce court.

And people actually used them! See how much fun we’re having. Except for that chick on her cell phone…

 Here’s the whole party (with the exception of my siblings and their families who left early) all dressed in white. Such a fun way to close out the summer and celebrate our kitchen!

A special thanks to Laura of Events in the City for all her help and prop donations! Thank you to all those that came, and to those that brought bubbly or other little gifts! We had a great time!

Photo credits: David Abizaid, Laura Ritchie, and Tim Walters.


  1. Meg / Jul 15 2014

    Um, you need to have another one of these and I need to be invited.

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