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Sep 10 / jfletcher


Tomorrow, I have an early morning wake-up call. I have to pick up Sara Tuttle and get on the road before 6:30, so we can get to Dixon’s Furniture in Crompton, MD in time for the auctions. The auctions start early. And shit is intense.

Sara and I went earlier in the summer and were totally overwhelmed with the amount of items for sale, how cheap it all was, and how quickly it went. When I say auction, I mean it. There’s a motor mouth auctioneer, people waiving there hands, and wads of cash being passed around. It’s a rush. And we’re doing it all over again tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the items we found last time:


I have a weakness for a pair of twin beds.


Even if I live in new construction, I will insist on antique crystal door knobs. #classic.

I had the White Party in mind when I saw these. Freshly painted, of course.


I love that little coral chair. Great velvet color.

Adorable pair of little yellow chairs would be great anywhere.

With so many TVs over fireplaces these days, it’s nice to see a traditional over-mantle.

Tennis doubles.

Oh hell yes.


This time, Sara and I decided we’re going to buy something. It’s happening. We know how it all works now, and we’re jumping in. We’re not sitting on the sidelines anymore. I have a list of things I’m “hunting down” for my clients and I don’t want to come home empty handed. Game faces. 

Photo credits: Me.


  1. Eisha / Sep 10 2013

    oh i love that yellow chairs!!

    and that drawer in your last pic is awesome too!

  2. Sarah / Sep 11 2013

    I wanna go!! Good luck!

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