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Aug 7 / jfletcher

Three years.

Just a few minutes ago, David and I broke out our wedding CDs to revisit our wedding day, which happened to take place three years ago today. We have our favorite pictures (as seen on this blog here and here and in frames throughout our house), and our album, of course, but it’s been a long time (3 years probably) since we’ve looked at ALL our photos.

What really struck me this time were the photos of our friends and family. Maybe I was too self-involved and concerned about how I looked when I first saw at these pictures (Hey, don’t judge, it’s easy to do when you’re the bride) but I missed some of these happy little moments. Like this one. Of my sister-in-law Sherry and her daughter Lily during the church ceremony. Our photographer, Ciprian, perfectly captured the evolution of Lily getting into trouble (her mad face cracks me up) and ultimately making up with Sherry through hugs (too sweet). All of our photos are like this in someway, whether it be an emotional expression, an extra big smile, or the cheers-ing of a champagne glass. Just these amazing frozen moments, no matter how small, that tell the story of our day.

Photo credits: Ciprian Photography¬†.¬†He’s truly talented, you guys. If anyone needs a Lake Tahoe photog, he’s your man. We couldn’t be more pleased with our photos. Even after three years.


  1. Sherry / Aug 7 2013

    I’ve always thought that this series of photos sums up my relationship with my Lily Bear. She’s a good one. But she’s trouble.

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