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Jul 22 / jfletcher

Heatwave Plus.

On Friday I shared this picture of a girl cooling off inside (which I just noticed includes an entire bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label) and today I wanted to share the rest of the editorial spread because I thought it was a good visual for my upcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s how I picture it…


Cooling off (Johnnie Walker, optional) and spending time in deep thought. Although, it looks like she’s in a bar in that picture. Hey, whatever works.

There’s a boat. I mean, that’s so New England. I don’t know if I’ll be on one like that, but I’ll be near plenty.


I won’t be wearing a coat but I’m sure I’ll find time to shop.


I’d love to wear a straw hat (if I could find one that doesn’t look so silly on my smallish head) and there will  be plenty of trips to the water.

And relaxing. That’s the part I’m most looking forward to. See how she has no cell phone or laptop on either table? Yeah, that’s my plan too.

Who’s been to Martha’s Vineyard before? Anything I shouldn’t miss?? I’ve never been (neither David nor Gus) so we’d love some recommendations!

Photo credits: Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Turkey.