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Jul 17 / jfletcher

Jeff Lewis Color.

I happened to catch the Watch What Happens Live episode with Jeff Lewis the other day, and he casually mentioned something about his paint line. I had known he was trying to launch a line (from old episodes of Flipping Out), but last I heard it didn’t happen. Well, I guess he figured it out, because here it is! Introducing Jeff Lewis Color! 

True to Jeff Lewis form, the colors are all very neutral and there isn’t much color at all. I love the muted, dusty feel of the all colors. They remind me of Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors, which are always my go-to when working with clients. So far, Jeff Lewis Color is only available on the west coast, so I plan to check it out next time David and I are out there (September?). I’m sure these will quickly become become go-to colors as well.

I also happened to catch both premieres of Jeff Lewis’ new Bravo shows: Interior Therapy and Property Envy. He’s so mean in both shows. I just can’t get over it! I kind of love it though. When he’s a jerk, it’s so entertaining. I mean, that’s his thing right? Last week, he got in a legit fight with his client Pol on Interior Therapy, and was so mean to Brandie, the realtor on Property Envy. He clearly hates her. Him and Mary McDonald. Got I love that combination. Mary and Jeff. I would be happy to be ganged up on by those two. My feelings wouldn’t even be hurt. I’d just be happy to be near that duo. Although I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends so that would never happen.

Did you watch Interior Therapy and/or Property Envy? What did you think? I’ve only seen the premieres. I didn’t get to see last nights episodes (thanks to the All-Star game). So, no spoilers.

Photo credits: Jeff Lewis Color. 


  1. Deborah Subhaw / Mar 26 2014

    Love your colors I live upstate New York, I possible would love to have a color wheel.

    • jfletcher / Mar 31 2014

      Hi there, thanks for the comment. Jeff Lewis color is available for purchase at Home Depot. Give that a try – they might be able to help. Good luck!

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