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Jun 28 / jfletcher



Can we talk for minute about how it’s almost July? When and how did that happen?

June flew by at a record pace. Between my birthday, travel (pictures coming soon), and our kitchen renovation, I didn’t have a spare moment. At least that’s how it felt at times. But I did manage to watch plenty of Bravo. We have a trip to Martha’s Vineyard scheduled for the end of July, and some little weekend road trips, but other that we’ll be home. We’ll be putting the kitchen (and the rest of the house) back together, and starting to plan for our kitchen-warming party/white party we’re hosting in August. Sheesh. August.

What about you? What does July hold for you?

Photo credits: shannonpix via Etsy and Jooey-Zoseph from 500 Days of Summer (one of the best movies of all time)


  1. Sherry / Jun 29 2013

    Boston, baby!

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