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Jun 20 / jfletcher

Update: My Kitchen

So, things are really moving in my kitchen. So much so that they are almost done! Luis, my hardwood flooring guy, is coming this afternoon to put the second coat on the floors (under the appliances), and then Mr. Brooks will hook up all the appliances today and/or tomorrow. Which means we will have a workable kitchen by this weekend! Hallelujah!

For old times sake, I’m sharing the original inspiration board with you once more. That’s above. And the details of each component are explained here. But there are a couple of updates that have happened since then…

1. Faucet. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about my faucet! I found this Blanco faucet on for under $400.00. Pretty great since most retailers were selling this model for about $600. And I’ve seen similar ones on for sale for over $1200.00! This one is a little smaller and is technically only semi-professional (whatever that means). Hey, it looks good and will wash a dish. That’s all I need.

2. Paint. I decided to stick with Ben. Moore Revere Pewter for the Kitchen. That’s the color in my Living Room (and that was previously in my Dining Room). It just works. It looks so good in the Kitchen though, that it makes me hate it in the Living room. The Living Room doesn’t get as much natural light as the Kitchen so it looks totally different. So, yeah, we’re going to repaint that. Immediately. White Dove, perhaps?

3. Barstools. It seems NO ONE in all of the United States of America makes a counter height version of the Jean Prouve chair. Only Australia. David ordered two chairs for my birthday (thinking he found the right height) but they are just standard chairs. Here’s the thing though, they look SO good. They really are perfect in the kitchen. I’m actually thinking about taking the chairs to a local metal company to see if they could make us taller legs. I’m sure that will be crazy expensive but I’m getting desperate. I did find these barstools as a back up but I don’t like them nearly as much. Not at all, really.

Speaking of my birthday, David got me the Dash and Albert runner (to go along the sink wall) and it’s amazing.

4. Pendants. The West Elm pendants that I ordered are HUGE. I knew they would be but man, they are big. So, they’re going back. I found a similar smaller version from Restoration Hardware that I think will do the trick. I ordered the polished nickel (that’s the finish to the left of #4). Fingers crossed they work! I’ll let you know when they arrive next week.

So, let’s have a look at the evolution of the kitchen:


The picture to the left was taken the day before demo started, and the picture to the right was taken about a week in to the process.

Then Luis put in the hardwoods. It stayed like this for some time while the electrical was updated. And then the cabinets went in, and the appliances where delivered, while I was in New York. David was sending me pictures, but it was really fun to come home to see everything in place!

Ta da! This is what the kitchen looks like now!


Yesterday, the counters went in and I love them as much as I thought I would. Maybe even more. That’s a close up of the counters to the left, and the fridge wall to the right.

Not bad, right? Mr. Brooks still has some work to do to finish up and we need the final coat on the floors which will be finished by early next week. And then we’re done! Although now, I’m thinking that the backsplash (herringbone subway tile) and updating the back door (to a French door) need to happen sooner rather than later!

 Photo credits: Me.


  1. Maria / Jun 20 2013

    As a Sigma Kappa girl, you should paint everything White Dove. 🙂

    The kitchen looks great!! Love, Love, Love it.

    • jfletcher / Jun 20 2013

      The new rug does have a lot of lavender and maroon in it, too 😉

  2. Jessica / Jun 20 2013

    Amazing!! Cannot wait to see it in person!

    • jfletcher / Jun 20 2013

      Come by any time!!

  3. Chris / Jun 22 2013

    Definitely update your door to a French door right away! It will make such a difference and you will think it is fabulous with your new kitchen. I also love the idea of the backsplash but do the door first!!

    • jfletcher / Jun 24 2013

      Thanks Chris!

  4. Sherry / Jun 29 2013

    I can’t wait to see this in person!! It’s so beautiful. Did you plan out the cabinetry lay out, or did you get help with that? Did everything go as planned with the layout, or was there some sort of last minute change that you didn’t see coming?

    • jfletcher / Jul 17 2013

      Hi Sher! Thanks for the comment. Not sure why I didn’t get this sooner?! Mr. Brooks determined the exact cabinetry pieces that made up the layout – and yes we had a few unexpected changes. The first being that we planned for a 36″ fridge, but the fridge we bought was only 32″ wide. Mr. Brooks had to re-make the cabinet above the fridge to fit the smaller size. The other was that the drawers on the peninsula hit the handle of the oven, so we had to use a bigger filler piece. This made the peninsula longer – which was too long, and we didn’t have enough counter top material. So, we had to switch to a 30″ drawer instead of a 36″ drawer. Thankfully, we didn’t have to sacrifice anything major – and Mr. Brooks was really good at coming up with solutions when these little problems came up.

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