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May 29 / jfletcher

Twig chandeliers.

Every Christmas, David has this fear that we’re going to dry out our Christmas tree making it a super duper fire hazard when the lights are on.  It’s because of this concern that I know he won’t ever let me buy a twig chandelier. A bundle of dead branches wired with electricity. But I love it. And if I could have one of my own, it would look a lot like the chandelier in the photo above.

A few more styles.

1. I’m don’t think the chandelier in the dining room photo is exactly the same as this one, but it’s the closest I found. The classic branch chandelier from Meyda. I saw a few some similar styles listed as “brancheliers” online, but I refuse to call them that on principle.

2. and 3. I love both of these chandeliers from Canopy Designs.  A little dressier than the bundle of sticks, no? And I don’t think they are 100% real so maybe I could talk David into these one day.

4. I think the white finish of this Shades of Light chandelier makes the branches feel more contemporary. But I have to say that I immediately thought of Meet the Parents when I saw it. He put so much goddamn lacquer on that thing, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Although something tells me the manufacturer has perfected a way to keep the fixture from spontaneously bursting into flames.

Photo credit: Helen Norman via Pure Style Home