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May 16 / jfletcher

Need to know.

Hey gang, today I wanted to share with you 5 things that have been on my mind the last few days.


Starting with MY KITCHEN!!

According to yesterday, it’s actually my fuckin kitchen. Not the best example, but be sure to check out if you haven’t already. I strongly recommend you check out a blog you read, or some tweets. I had a good laugh. Okay, back to my kitchen. What a difference, huh? You can finally see the space start to take shape.  Last night I wanted to twirl in that room. Or skip. Or just jump up and down. I was so excited that I even invited a neighbor inside to see the progress. Look at me. A regular Mr. Rogers.

This photo is of one of Mariette Himes Gomez’s vignettes from the Hickory Chair showroom down in High Point. While we were there, Christina and I had a chance to meet Mariette which was such a cool experience. But the even cooler part was that in the middle of our introduction, Mariette walked directly to this bed and started fluffing the striped duvet at the foot. Mid conversation. It was such a cool thing to see. A big time designer like Mariette, in her element, primping something that’s already perfect.

Real quick. While we’re on the subject of Mariette, this display also caught my eye at the Hickory Chair showroom. I was really intrigued by the traditional floral print and window treatment design as the backdrop for this contemporary mobile style fixture. Isn’t that a neat contrast? And it works. I like that black ceiling too.


In honor of new kitchen, David and I are throwing a White Party later this summer. Look at me. A regular Kyle Richards. David and his friends are even in the process of building a bocce court (a far less glamorous bocce court than what’s pictured, mind you). Whenever my mind drifts these days, I picture all our friends sipping signature drinks outside in our backyard under white paper lanterns. Wearing fun white party clothes, of course.


Have you seen The Great Gatsby? The new one? I pulled these images to do a Gatsby-esque round-up but stopped short when the movie hype really picked up. I felt like everyone was blogging about Gatsby. And Art Deco. And the 1920s. I also realized that these images are a much better compliment to the the original Gatsby movie. The Robert Redford flick. The new Gatsby looks flashy, over the top, and at times, kind of cheesy. I’m really not sure how I feel about that. I’ve never really liked change. But I’m still going to see it.

 A million years ago when I asked you to fill out a survey for me, the one piece of information that I learned was that 100% of your come to my blog to see my work. My client projects. Thank you for that! So, I’ve been trying to come up with new and improved ways to document my projects for you. And more than anything, attractive ways to do so. Better pictures onsite and out in the field, more inspiration boards like the one I did for my fuckin kitchen. Those types of things. I have found this to be more challenging than I would have first thought. But I’m working on it.

Photo credits: Me, Hickory Chair’s Facebook page, Joey and JessicaDesign is what you can get away with!Tory Burch, Avery House via The Sweetest Occasion and Elle Decor.


  1. Gizoogle is hilarious. We wasted so much time the other day doing that…searching everything from scrambled eggs to weedwackers.

  2. Sherry / May 16 2013

    I’m very excited to see the progress on the kitchen!!!!

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