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Apr 29 / jfletcher

Donuts & Fried Chicken.

Cupcakes? That was so last season. Word on the street is that Donut and Fried Chicken shops are the next big thing. And, let me be clear. That’s the same place. Fried Chicken and Donuts for sale under one roof. Don’t mind if I do. As someone who loves the latest and greatest sweet trend (can we talk about Pinkberry for a minute), who once made a promise to herself to try all cupcakes brands in search of the very best (read about my pick here), and who has already blogged about donuts before (cause that’s not embarrassing), I can certainly get behind this fad. I kinda called donuts being the next big thing (no big), so I’d like to take partial credit for this. And for women wearing large men’s watches. 


My first stop will be Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. The scrumptious photos above are from Astro’s website. My brother first posted about that place on Facebook which immediately peaked my interest. Within a few hours, my good friends from ReadyLuck Photography instagrammed photos of their sweet and salty treats from another place named GBD. I’ll be going there, too. Any others I should try? Have you been to any fried chicken and donut shop yet?

For the record, I mean no disrespect to cupcakes.

Photo credits: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken


  1. Ohheyyou'recute / Apr 29 2013

    Best combo since pickle juice and whiskey

  2. Maria / Apr 29 2013

    I want in on this taste test. I was near GBD the other week and it looks good. If I didn’t just walk out of a yoga class, I would have placed an order. I didn’t want to be judged by the other yogis.

  3. Sarah / Apr 29 2013

    If it weren’t for your last sentence re: cupcakes, I don’t think we could be friends anymore. JK 🙂 But for reals, we need a GBD or Astro date the next time I’m home, looks amazing!

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