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Apr 25 / jfletcher

High Point Trends.


Before we get into my favorite trends, I wanted to share with you the two best (and on trend) showrooms at High Point this season, according to yours truly. Major highlights for me. The first was Bungalow 5. I’m giving an A+ to Bungalow 5. Gold stars all around. I love their blue and white porcelain (which was a trend in and of itself) and I especially love it with that dark blue grasscloth. And then there’s the photo on the right. Look at all that going on! The gray-scale wallpaper, the hand-painted Asian panels, the glitzy faceted mirror and the white pagoda. It’s all so amazing.

And the second, Pearson. As usual, Pearson rocked it. Another A+ rating. For some reason, I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the showroom though. Just a few photos of that sectional above. I think I was too busy marveling. But I thought Pearson had the best use of color. Hands down. So many wonderful shades of blue and oranges. Blue is definitely having a moment (major Market trend), so I was not surprised to see it at Pearson. From soft cornflower shades to deep grayish slate, Pearson didn’t miss a thing. But here’s the difference. The blues were paired flawlessly with complimentary shades of orange, rust, coral and red. My favorite color combo at the moment.

The biggest trend I saw, by far, was gold. Like these little gold tables from Chichester Closet. I’ve always wanted a wheat table base but I could definitely settle for tulips too. Arm twisted.


No one, and I mean no one, does gold better than Worlds Away.


Velvet was all over the place, in both upholstery and pillows. Lots of velvet pillows. Like that cute little brown velvet pillow from Legacy Linens (on the left). Pearson and Worlds Away used a great deal of velvet in their upholstery, too. And Alexa Hampton used both in her Hickory Chair collection (seen on the right). Plenty of contrast piping where that came from.


More velvet pillows. See, what did I tell you. And if it wasn’t the entire pillow, it was used on the just the back.


I also noticed loads of marbled fabrics and wall coverings. I’d say it’s a tie between marbled patterns and true natural stone patterns, like malachite. I saw both. Like this Hable Construction fabric on a screen at Hickoy Chair. And the wall covering used in the new Emporium Home showroom. Check out those geode lighting fixtures too! The real deal.

Trends are in bold letters.

Photo credits: Me.


  1. Love me some marbled paper. Get in my desk drawers!

  2. sarah / Apr 26 2013

    Ahhh, love your round-up! You have such great taste! It’s still my goal to go with you one time and have you be my High Point Market Spirit Guide. 🙂 I can think of no one better to show me around! You’re the pro! Also, give me that gold and white lacquer desk thing. 😉

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