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Mar 28 / jfletcher

Lighting a gym.

Design dilemma: I’m working on a client’s gym. It’s a big open space, with tall ceilings, in the lower level of her home. We need a lighting fixture that is large and in-charge but doesn’t overwhelm the space visually. Mostly because you walk into the space from above so whatever fixture we use will be right there. Almost eye level. Something like this Lindsey Adelman fixture would be perfect.┬áBut they aren’t cheap. And it’s an unnecessary expensive for a gym (even if we are going for an upscale zen/spa feel). So part of me wants to scratch this idea completely so we can use this chandelier upstairs in the main level. Somewhere were the price tag makes sense. But the other part of me wants to find something similar that isn’t so expensive for the gym. So do I wait and hope we get the opportunity to use it upstairs in the main living/dining area? Or do I substitute a less expensive┬áchandelier in a similar style (because this style is perfect for my client and my heart is already set on it) in the gym and call it a day?

Photo credits: Ett Hem Stockholm