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Mar 7 / jfletcher

Chiavari Chairs.

You’ve seen them at weddings, for sure, but what about using chiavari chairs in your own home? Yes or No?

Photo credits: Lonny


  1. Maria / Mar 7 2013

    No. As much as I love a good wedding reception…I don’t want to feel like I am at one every day.

  2. Sarah / Mar 7 2013

    Love those lucite ones in that picture, but I’m going to have to agree with Maria here- they just kind of scream “wedding” to me!

    In other news, who’s excited that It’s a Brad Brad World and The Rachel Zoe Project are back?! 🙂

  3. chris brandell / Mar 7 2013

    I love them – the resin/acryllic makes them so modern (not traditional like the classic wedding version) and I think its a leather seat (hard to tell) but again that makes them so not the wedding! I also like the version of the resin chair that you pinned and was thinking how they might be really kool at my desk for guests if we have room when we set the room up!

  4. Camp director / Mar 7 2013

    I like them! Not for me personally, but I can see them in a contemporary setting for sure.

    For me, they don’t speak wedding; not with the acrylic-type look.

  5. jfletcher / Mar 8 2013

    Thanks everyone for the comments! I have to say that I like them inside. Did I mention they are super cheap!?

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