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Mar 4 / jfletcher

Magic Shoes.

I’m in the market for some new kicks. Ones I can wear to baseball games (particularly when we go to Arizona later this month to catch a few Giants spring training games) and walk in for miles. Walking for miles. Isn’t that always the trickiest part when it comes to buying shoes? 


I’ve been contemplating buying the fool-proof white Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars but I feel like everyone has them. They are everywhere. And I already owned a pair in the 7th grade.

Not to mention David staked a claim on those years ago (as evidenced above). I mean, the guy wore the blues ones to our wedding. It’s safe to say that Chucks are his thing.

So, after much deliberation, I’ve settled on these. In white. Vans for J.Crew. Street/hipster meets preppy. Which, I like to think is exactly my style. Pretty darn close to the Chucks, right?? Let’s just hope they are comfortable.

Photo credits: Les FemmesFashion Chalet, Ciprian Photography and J.Crew


  1. Sam / Mar 4 2013

    I love my Chuck’s but they are not supportive enough to walk in all day (at least for me). Let me know how the Vans work out — I need shoes for a trip to Europe in a couple months and I am panicking about what to buy!

  2. LaR / Mar 25 2013

    Day late and a buck short – but Kate Spade announced a partnership with Ked’s today… in case you’re still dreaming of cute kicks.

    • jfletcher / Mar 25 2013

      Thanks for the update!! I’ll check them out too!

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