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Jan 25 / jfletcher

Fireside. Not.

So, here on the east coast it’s epically cold. And we’re expecting snow at any minute.




While I’m really excited for a lazy night inside, I’m also a little bitter. You see, when we moved into this house,  we had our chimney professionally cleaned. At that time we were told that our chimney needed a new stainless steel liner and some other repairs. It was a ton of money and I honestly felt the way this extra work was discovered was a little suspicious. Just an excuse to get more work out of us. So, I ignored it. And now I’m too afraid to use it. And have been for the last two years. Trust me, the seventy-three pamphlets that the chimney sweep gave me about the dangers of chimney fires are super terrifying.

I’ll be spending my evening lighting all types of candles on my hearth and staring at these cozy, wintery, fireplacey pictures. The next best thing, right?

Happy snow day!

Photo credits: Camille StylesThat Kind of WomanHouse Beautiful, Lisa Brimble via A Cup of Jo, Pink and Green Prep, and Moon and Trees.