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Jan 14 / jfletcher

MDD: Episode 8

That’s all, folks. That’s all she wrote. The season finale of Million Dollar Decorators. Truth be told, I’ve been dreading writing this post because then I’ll have to admit it’s official over. Sad face.

So, now that we’ve had some time to reflect (and some distance to ease the pain), I’d love to know what you all thought of this episode? And this season? I’ll start.

The highlight of this episode was the transformation of Mary’s living room. It’s gorgeous. I also liked the final scene of all the decorators enjoying themselves in this room. Good times.

By the way, it seems Mary is having a Tory Burch moment too. This is her living room.

The highlight of this season was reliving the episodes by writing these blog posts. Do we like these recaps enough for me to do it again? Season three? It’s been fun reading your comments/tweets/text messages about the episodes and the designers. You all made me laugh and it was fun to go through this together.

Until next time, MDD!

Photo credits: Bravo TV and Habitually Chic


  1. Sarah / Jan 15 2013

    SAD MDD is over and I won’t have your recaps to look forward to! Loved watching Mary’s transformation of her house and I just plain love watching her with Nate! And the green velvet everywhere? Love! (I’m so on trend ;)) Maybe next season will chronicle my collaboration with JAM and Ross- a girl can dream!

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