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Jan 11 / jfletcher

Pendleton Inspired.

One of the greatest Christmas presents I received this year (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law) is this wool Pendleton blanket. I have wanted one of these blankets for years and years. There is a little shop in Bridgeport, CA that sells them and I always manage to find my way in there over the 4th of July holiday to admire them. But now I won’t have to do that anymore because I have one of my very own!


I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.


So, my plan was to show you photos of Pendleton blankets on beds (that aren’t overly western feeling) like the two photos above. But I when I saw the rest of the home that the photo on the right was attached to, I decided to change gears.

Elle Decor Patrick Printy Dan Holland CA home

Take a look at this “Contemporary meets Colonial” home, designed by Patrick Printy as featured in Elle Decor. It’s too pretty to pass up.




Hey pup.




There you have it. A blog post inspired by a blanket. See what a little Pendleton can do!

Thanks, Kathy!!

Photo credits: Me, Country Living and Elle Decor