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Jan 8 / jfletcher

My travels through pictures…

I realized the other day that I haven’t shared my vacation pictures with you from Savannah (or any of the other trips we took late last year for that matter). If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few sneak peaks of my travels but not the real deal. So, without further ado, I’m taking you back in time…to 2012…to Thanksgiving in Savannah…

Savannah 1

A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be!

Savannah 2  Savannah 3

Beautiful courtyards and parks in Savannah.


I heart Spanish Moss.


For some stupid reason, David and I thought we were leaving Savannah a day earlier than planned. We went to the airport Saturday morning only to be told our flight didn’t leave until Sunday. Whoops. We were able to get on the next flight out that day but still had a few hours to kill. So, we rented a car and drove to Hilton Head for lunch…

If any of you have been to Hilton Head, you know there aren’t many public beaches there. But we managed to find one!




Spotted: the first sign of Christmas.

A few days later, David had a business trip in NYC so I tagged along for the day. While David was busy in meetings, I was able to spend time with my very best friend, Sarah, and her husband, Mike. And tour all the lovely brownstones in the West Village decorated for Christmas.


Later, David met us out for dinner at Rosemary’s (my mother name) and ate really great Italian food. I’m not exactly sure why, but we all convinced ourselves that the end of the world was scheduled for that night (12/12/12) and we felt the need to go out in style. I did manage to find inspiration for a clients bathroom design (see upper right photo) despite the impending Apocalypse. A successful trip all around. Especially since the world didn’t end.

The ceiling in our NYC hotel.


The ceiling in the MGM Grand in Vegas.

The ceiling in the Bellagio. I guess I have a thing for ceilings.


Christmas was in full swing by this point.

What’s a trip to Vegas without visiting the fountains at the Bellagio?

How did we get to Vegas you ask?? Okay, let me back up. Remember when I told you Hurricane Sandy messed up our travel plans to San Fransisco for the World Series? Well, we used those tickets to go to Vegas to meet some friends for David’s 30th birthday. It was a quick trip (all of these trips were) but we had a nice time. We visited the Neon Museum and I finally ate at a Colicchio restaurant!  Even though I’m not into the Vegas scene, I think the energy of that place is amazing. Plus, the many casinos offer incredible people watching (even a celebrity or two). And the interiors of the casinos aren’t bad either. I mean, did you see the Bellgaio?

Photo credits: My iPhone.


  1. Sarah / Jan 8 2013

    Great pics! 🙂 Especially our “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” pic 😉

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