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Dec 23 / jfletcher

MDD: Episode 6

This week 3 of the 4 designers were working on the Maison de Luxe show house at the Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills. While it was fun to see what the gang came up with without client budgets and/or interference, I wasn’t in love with any of the the finished rooms. Well, Mary’s hallway was pretty great but it’s hard to get excited about a hallway. But if you had to get excited about a hallway, this would be the one. I think the use of blue and white porcelain was really smart. I like way Mary chose to display all the pieces and the sheer amount of pieces she used. There’s power in numbers.

But none of that matters because the Martyn says “super glam-glam” in this episode. Now, this has to be the best line in Million Dollar Decorator history. Well, that is until Jeffrey says, “If I did the gun room, I hate to say it, but it would be the best room in the whole house. I would feel bad for the all other decorators that would have to live up to that” when he’s explaining why he couldn’t do the show house. Hilarious. But anyway, when Martyn says “super glam-glam” he’s referring to his paisley fabric upholstered on the walls of the master bedroom that he’s designing. At that point, I really liked the room. When there was nothing it in. And then he gussied it up. Click here to see.


The best room in the show house wasn’t done by any of the MDD’s at all. It’s the grand hall by Michelle Nussbaumer. You can catch a glimpse of it when Mary mentions she’s “jealous” of this room towards the end of the episode. Totally. Look at wallpaper! Those sofas!

And then when I was looking for photos online, I saw pictures of this room which was done by none other than ex-cast mate, Nathan Turner! He’s all over this episode but I figured he was hanging around to support Mary. NO SIR. He’s doing real work. The best work. And we don’t even get to see it. Why isn’t he getting any love this season? I miss Nathan.

Check out the other rooms in the show house here and here. Check out the designer line-up too!

Photo credits: Casa Sugar and So Haute