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Dec 18 / jfletcher

What are you doing New Years Eve?

David and I are going to a black tie wedding on New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, CA this year. I’ve had a heck of time finding a dress to wear for some reason. So far, the only thing I’ve managed to acquire are shipping charges from multiple orders that were later returned. Ugh. You know when you have an idea of what you want to wear? And how you can never quite seem to find it? Yeah, welcome to my life. I want to be flirty and fun and comfortable. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Since the dress is “creative black tie”, I do have endless possibilities. Maybe that’s why it’s been difficult. I have too many choices.


I’ve been seriously thinking about the idea of wearing separates. Maybe a slimming pair of tuxedo pants? Or a fabulous skirt? Just for fun, let’s pretend for a moment this wedding wasn’t on New Years Eve, in the dead of winter, or black tie. Wouldn’t it be fun to sport something like this? A fancy skirt paired with a denim shirt? Oh couldn’t you just imagine it?

Okay. Enough daydreaming. I’ve got to get back to serious shopping. Wish me luck.

Photo credits: J.Crew and Vogue