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Dec 17 / jfletcher

MDD: Episode 5

Here are the highlights of Episode 5, in case you missed it.

– Nathan and his dog, Nacho, move in with Mary. It’s like watching old reruns of Will and Grace with those two.

– Mary’s house is kind of a disaster. This should make everyone in America feel a little less bad about the state of his or her own home. I know I do.

– I want to know who Mary “separated” from. John was it? Google search commencing in 3…2…1…

– Mary likes Gracie wallpaper almost as much as I do. I don’t love it with geometric painted floors though.

– Martyn designs Stacey Dash’s home by adding too much purple. See photos here.

Stacey Dash played Dionne in Clueless.  That’s just a highlight of life. She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us.

– Stacey Dash might be on something but…

– Stacey Dash wins for most heartfelt reaction during the big reveal of her “new” house. She was kvelling!

– Martyn says super glam-glam next week. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Jeffrey Alan Marks La Jolla House

Okay, now, let’s get the real deal. The best design of the week: The La Jolla beach home that Jeffrey Alan Marks designed with Ross Cassidy. It’s just so pretty. I wish I had a more eloquent word to describe it but honestly, it’s just so pretty.

Jeffrey Alan Marks La Jolla House

Jeffrey Alan Marks La Jolla House

The gray and lavender color scheme is so soft and beautiful (a more successful use of gray and purple…ahem…sorry Martyn). I love the introduction of pink in the Living/Family Room area. And the “grandma” chairs are adorable.

I also love how Jeffrey continued the palette in the Foyer but used the strongest tone of each color with a hot pink pillow and deep purple rug (buy a similar one here). A super smart way to add a punch. I like to do this in Powder Rooms.

Jeffrey Alan Marks La Jolla House

The mismatched chairs in the Dining Room work so well together. So fun.

Jeffrey Alan Marks La Jolla House

How funny that Jeffrey’s client brought in Mary’s book (twice!) and insisted on buying her lamps. Why not just hire Mary if you like her stuff THAT much? And why don’t I own Mary’s book?

I do wish JAM had continued the calming feel he created in the living area into the Bedroom. That wallpaper pattern with the royal purple is a little too much for a bedroom, if you ask me. Well, at least that Bedroom. But that is the only slightly negative critique that I have. The home really is gorgeous. Plus, when pulling images from for this post, I noticed there are loads more “after” photos that were not aired. Equally if not more stunning than the ones I posted. Take a look.

Photo credits: Bravo



  1. Sarah / Dec 17 2012

    Ahhh, I LOVE the beach house JAM did in La Jolla. I think he said it best when he said it was ‘Martha’s Vineyard meets Paris!’ What’s not to love about that? Soooo perfect! Can I move in???

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