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Nov 28 / jfletcher

MDD: Episodes 2 and 3.

Last week we didn’t get any Jeffrey Alan Marks so I was happy to see him back in episode 2. However, I have to say that I did not like the bedroom design he (or rather his sidekick Ross Cassidy) did for their client, Amber Valletta. Just in case you don’t know her, Amber Valletta is a model and actress, who plays Lydia on Revenge. You know the one who fell off the roof of her building? Or did the white haired man push her off?? But back to the design.




Individually, I like all of the design elements. The bed linens are fabulous. The grasscloth color is just beautiful. But it’s just too much for me. Smaller scale perhaps? And it’s definitely too much with that crazy pattern on the ceiling (which can be seen in the upper corners of the bottom photo). And I typically love JAM’s work. He’s my number one. I’m a tad disappointed. But I’d love to know what you thought?

Moving on…We didn’t get any Jeffrey Alan Marks in episode 3 and I’m fine with that. I need a break.

Watching Mary and Martyn collaborate makes me happy. In particular the scenes of the two of them walking the streets of Jaipur, India. Martyn was visibly uncomfortable because of Mary, who made herself right at home. They clearly hate each other (or at least their aesthetics). But the table top collection does look pretty darn good.

I didn’t think much of the collection based on what the designers presented as inspiration in the preliminary meetings (too many weird snakes), but after seeing the table set for Susan’s dinner party I’m whistling a different tune. Take a look at the collection here.

Kathryn had her hands full with that Texas client! How she did all that for a fraction of the proposed cost is beyond me! I loved the end result though. That goes for the Ojai house too. Well, except for that frumpy yellow slipcovered sectional. I’d love to see Kathryn work in a different color palette and shake things up a bit. I’m just saying here are a lot of similarities in her designs.

Okay. Floors open. What did I miss?

Photo credits: Bravo TV and One Kings Lane Facebook page