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Nov 14 / jfletcher

MDD: Episode One

So, what did we all think?! Let’s break it down.

I’d like to kick things off by saying that I am so happy to have Million Dollar Decorator’s back. I love this show. I find all the characters insanely entertaining and for the most part, I think the show is pretty realistic in terms of the biz (just on a much larger scale).

Ready, set, go. Nathan got the boot, huh? That’s too bad. I loved watching him pal around with Mary. And I loved his dog too. Anyone know what happened to him?

Now you see him.

Now you don’t.

This episode focused primarily on Mary McDonald who was designing a guest house. And Maaaaaartyn who was working on Tamara Mellon’s NYC dining room.¬†Between the two, I liked Mary’s work the best. Congrats. I love that rug in the sitting room. Love it. And Mary just cracks me up. She says whatever she wants. I love that she always looks disgusted by her client’s suggestions and opinions. Really? I love her big jewelry too.

Martyn is a trip. I think it’s so funny that spending 20K for chairs (before the cost of reupholstering) is doable but spending 10K on renting a crane and pulling permits to close down a NYC street is ridiculous. In general, I’m a big fan of most of Tamara’s apartment. Especially the fact that the elevators open straight into her home. That’s a situation on my bucket list. I didn’t really love the Dining Room. I just don’t like black and red together. And I also didn’t like how staged the install felt (there was a lot of that with all the designers). Lots of ¬†gasps and “oh my gods”. You’re going to tell me that they had no idea the painters weren’t finished until they walked into the apartment building? But I thought the 3000 lb. white marble table was awesome.

Where was Jeffrey? Other than that 30 second teaser during the commercial break, he’s not in this episode at all. Did I miss it?

And Kathryn learned how to do her make-up. Like a lot.

Okay, the floor is open. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Loves? Hates? Tell me, tell me.

Photo credits: BravoTV



  1. Lauren / Nov 14 2012

    Jo Jo, you are hilarious. I have never heard of this show, but thanks to you and this post, I’ll be watching! XO

  2. Jessica / Nov 14 2012

    Oh man! I have to catch this on On Demand

  3. Christina / Nov 14 2012

    Sooo, I was totally preoccupied until the last 15mins of the show but what I did catch I completely agree with you. The dining room of Tamara’s was just too Scarface for me, but her daughter’s room was really lovely. And having elevators open into my apartment is definitely on my bucket list too! Can’t wait for next week! And seriously, what happened to Nathan??

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