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Nov 13 / jfletcher


…the San Francisco Giants won the World Series??!

Even though it’s yesterday’s news, I realized today that I never blogged about it. Mostly because I’m not a boy (although I have blogged about them here, here, and here), but I think I skipped this because I was bitter. You see, David and I had plans to go to San Francisco for games 6 and/or 7 but that didn’t happen. They selfishly won in a 4 game sweep. A-holes. And then, we couldn’t get the parade in time due to Hurricane/Superstorm/Frankenstorm Sandy. Didn’t anyone consider us? And the weather? Thanks a lot. It’s cool though. I’m over it. It think it’s okay to talk about it now. So, today, I thought it would be fun to share photos of the best in orange accessories and home decor out there in honor of the Giants and Halloween (Sandy made me miss that one, too).

Totally kidding. Could you imagine? Vom.

I’m talking about Hermes. Trays, blankets, pillows, and the like.

  Hermes orange blanket

Isn’t orange a phenomenal color? Christina agrees. I love it in small, concentrated bursts. Which is why I need to own a orange Hermes something. I have my heart set on an Avalon throw or a pillow (or let’s be real, even a tray), but I think getting a small box or two is more realistic. Maybe I’ll get a few of these until I have the real deal.

P.S. The last picture also contains a pillow by Kathryn Ireland which leads me to very exciting news. Tonight’s the premiere of Million Dollar Decorators! Finally!! I loved last season (as seen here and here) and can’t wait to tune in! So, you better watch it tonight too (set those DVRs) because I want to talk about it tomorrow!

Photo credits: I Like Furniture, Daily Dream Decor, Elle Decor, Chicago Home & DesignThe Cool Hunter, Habitually ChicM.Elle via Elle Decor and Lonny Mag via SF Girl by Bay


  1. Christina / Nov 13 2012

    Seriously, can we both get some love from Hermes?? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind just getting their gift boxes, haha. And thank you for reminding me about Million Dollar Decorators! I totally forgot! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  2. Theodore Logan, Esq. / Nov 15 2012

    Heresy. Nothing emblazoned with a Giants logo should ever be besmirched in such a manner. Think upon your sins…

  3. Sarah / Nov 16 2012

    Theodore, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you about the chair. But, I do love a little orange! 🙂

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