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Nov 9 / jfletcher

Update: What I’m Working On

This week Cline Rose Designs had a major installation. We’re talking rugs, pillows, window treatments, and furniture.  Major. Like an HGTV reveal only with no camera crew. My client told me it felt like Christmas, which would make me Santa and my crew the elves. I’ll take it. But I have to say that I think Christmas is an accurate description. Not just because the of the obvious color scheme of deep reds and greens we used in the Family Room, but because of that comfortable, cozy feeling that is oozing from the room (that you can only get during the most wonderful time of the year ).

The inspiration for the space started with this picture. You can read the original “What I’m Working On” post here.


The room really came to life when we finalized the fabrics selections. From top to bottom. The Schumacher print at the very top brought everything together. Until I found that fabric, I wasn’t entirely clear on how we were going to pull off the balance of green and red without feeling too holiday. After that, the rest fell into place. The green velvet from Duralee for the tufted sofas was a no brainer, the embroidered linen from Lee Jofa for the window treatments was a find by my client that thankfully still worked with our plan, and the Ralph Lauren plaid (that is the PERFECT shade of green) for the two chairs. The scale is much larger than what’s pictured.


Some detail shots of the room. The window treatments are my favorite (my client’s too!), followed by the dark green velvet upholstery as a close second. Who doesn’t love nailheads?

Here’s a little snap shot I took on my phone. An “after” for you. Sorry for the poor quality (and the lack of styling). We still need to find end tables, a console table and lamps. And we need to accessorize the built-ins. The good news is that my client already has a pretty amazing collection of accessories (you can tell by her fall decor on the mantle) so we have plenty to choose from.

P.S. Remember the built-ins? I wrote about them here. This is the “before”.

Photo credits:  Decorati and Me.



  1. Christina / Nov 9 2012

    WOW! The space looks amazing! Gaaaah! I am loving those velvet tufted sofas!

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