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Nov 8 / jfletcher

John Robshaw Designer Collection.

One of the best fabric collections out there these days is the new John Robshaw fabric line available at Duralee. Hands down. Much like his prints (the bedding and pillows, specifically) I love the patterns and colorways of these textiles. So, today I’d like to share with you my favorites. And I have a lot of favorites. You better take a seat.

My top three. Number One.


Number two and three.



Do you have a favorite fabric? Or do you love them all like me? Take a look at the rest of the line here.

Photo credits: Duralee 


  1. Sherry / Nov 8 2012

    love the bold red, white and blue fabric, and the tendrilly one above it. that and Robshaw’s last name. best name ever.

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