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Sep 19 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Arranging a Foyer Table

Earlier this week, I met with one of my original clients to review a couple of misc. things. One item on the old to-do list was to finalize the arrangement of the blue and white porcelain vases and jars that my client had been collecting for her foyer table. The table used to be filled with large clear vases and jars (filled with seasonal things), but when we saw this photo (above), created by Betsy Burnham for House Beautiful, we both knew we had to shake things up. So, we lost a few of the clear vases, filled the remaining with blue and white vase fillers, and introduced some larger blue and white porcelain pieces into the mix. The result can be seen in the little Polaroid shot in the top right corner.

Take a look at Betsy’s 5 decorating suggestions on the right hand side of the photo. All really great ideas.

Photo credits: Amy Neunsigner (this is a scan of the magazine page) and the little Polaroid shot was taken by yours truly.