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Sep 7 / jfletcher

Hawaii Part One.

Based on the amount of pictures we have (and my jet lagged attention span) I’ve decided to make our Hawaiian vacation a three parter. Thrice the Hawaii. I hope you don’t mind. Let’s get started.

A little background. So, the purpose of our Hawaii getaway was to attend the wedding of our friends, Chris and Bridey. I know Chris from high school in Maryland. And his now wife, Bridey, grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. Most of the wedding guests opted to rent homes in the Mauna Lani resort. That’s what we did, along with a handful of other friends (that I will introduce when they make an appearance on the blog).


The first day consisted of a guided ocean kayak tour, complete with snorkeling and cliff jumping. David jumped off a 34′ cliff and stepped on a sea urchin. I jumped off a 20′ cliff. Who knew I was such a bad ass?

At the Mauna Lani Beach Club (really great fish tacos & mango margaritas here). Don’t be fooled by those clouds, there is no shortage of sun in Hawaii.

On day two, all the boys went off on a little deep see fishing excursion. The father of the groom caught a 400 lb. marlin. David’s boat saw no fish. So, they spent their time modeling.

Day three was the catamaran cruise. No pictures of that experience will be posted since I am in a bathing suit in every shot. That’s just not going to happen. But later that day…

we went to the luau.

One of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.


Yes, we went to the luau. Judge away. This isn’t the last time you will catch us being haoles. Most people chuckled at the idea of going to the luau, however, many locals said that it’s worth the trip if this is our first time in Hawaii. Which it was. It’s touristy, I get it, but I have no complaints. The fire breathers were insane, the hula dancers were pretty to watch, and the traditional Hawaiian menu was really delicious. Plus, it was the first time I received a lei. Oh and did I mention it was an open bar? Enough said.

Photo credits: David Abizaid and Me.



  1. Sarah / Sep 7 2012

    Also, let’s go back to Hawaii.

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