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Sep 6 / jfletcher

Back in a new work groove.

I’m back. Back in a new work” grooooooove. Sing it with me.

Having to settle back into reality after a fantastic vacation is the pits. The living worst. Especially when you had a great vacation. And I did. One of the best. No part of me wanted to come home. Okay, maybe one part. But the majority of me just wanted to stay in beautiful Hawaii. You’ll see why soon.

But for now, I want to talk about my new work groooove. Let’s rewind a bit. So, there I was, depressed to be home, yata yata yata, fighting off major jet lag, yata yata yata, angry that I didn’t have a mango margarita in my hand, yata yata yata, going through our stacks of bills mail, yata yata yata, and then I saw it. The new DwellStudio catalog. I think I heard angels singing. Did you get yours? It’s a good one. It was just the boost I needed to get back into work, and blogging again for reals. Because I am. Summer vacation is officially over.

But if the catalog isn’t enough to make you jump up and down, here is something that will. At least is should. Because I kind of lost my mind. I saw a pillow that I really wanted in the catalog and went to the DwellStudio website to buy it. I decided against it because I thought it was a little steep (even to the trade). Later, I happened to check out the sales on One Kings Lane and saw DwellStudio was there selling items from the new fall line. And the exact pillow I wanted was there too. For less. WHHHHAAA? When does that ever happen? I wished for a pillow…on sale…

and I got it.

And if those things weren’t incredible enough (enough to snap anyone out of post summer blues), the OKL blog featured the home of DwellStudio founder Christiane Lemieux. It’s gorgeous. I want to live in it. And I want to design homes that look just like it. Mostly mine.

I’m completely inspired.

So, yeah, I have a slight obsession with all things DwellStudio. But I am glad that I do because it was just the push I needed to get back into my day to day rhythm. Thanks to DwellStudio (the catalog, the OKL sale and the beautiful pictures of Christiane’s home), I am officially back. And I’m very excited to be here. So, thanks for having me. See you tomorrow.

Photo credits: Dwell Studio, One Kings Lane and Melanie Acevedo via OKL


  1. Sarah / Sep 7 2012

    Let’s take a field trip to the Soho store and abc Carpet and Home when you visit me every other weekend. 🙂

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