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Aug 25 / jfletcher


Aloha. Hello and good-bye. Very appropriate today, since I am just popping in to say “hello” before I take off again. David and I, along with some longtime friends and their spouses, are heading off to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding on the Big Island. We will be gone for a little over a week, so the blog will remain untouched for a few more days. But when we come back in September, the blog will go back to normal and I will resume the schedule of posting daily! But for now, let’s focus on Hawaii. That’s much more fun at the moment.

Last night I decided that I would do a quick search on Pinterest for Hawaii images, and whatever picture came up first would be THE picture I used for this post. And here is it. Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii. Although, this picture isn’t very Hawaiian (minus the leis and the ukulele, of course), I figured this would be okay for now because my plan is bombard you with four bazillion pictures of our trip when I get home. I hope you like hibiscus flowers.

Speaking of Blue Hawaii, let’s discuss movies. My only frame of reference of Hawaii comes from movies. So, I’d like to watch a few more on the plane to continue my research. And it’s a long plane ride. I’ve seen A Very Brady Sequel, Honeymoon in Vegas, Garfield in Paradise, 50 First Dates, Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, and Blue Crush to name a few. Any others I should see? Maybe a few that didn’t come out when I was in the 7th grade?

How about any recommendations on things I should do in Hawaii? Or see? Or eat? Or drink? Anything. Any advice and/or suggestions would be great. And then there is what to wear? Even though I’ve been buying tropical clothes like a richkidofinstagram, I still feel under prepared.

So, let’s talk Hawaii.

Photo credits: Big Island Real Estate.



  1. Theodore Logan, Esq. / Aug 25 2012

    All Keanu Reeves movies should count as Hawaiian since he is Hawaiian and his name translates to “Cool Breeze Over the Mountains.” So… Point Break?

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