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Jul 27 / jfletcher

Let the games begin.

I love the Olympics. I literally cannot wait for the Opening Ceremony this evening. The Games, from beginning to end, are just so exciting. That even includes Badminton. I caught myself watching the coverage and the previously recorded Olympic trials all this week. I like to know what I’m in for, who to root for, who is the underdog, etc. I’m looking forward to so many things. The list would be shorter if I just told you what I didn’t like about the Olympics. But, I’m not. Where’s the fun in that? So, here are few of my favorite things.

Ralph Lauren Opening Ceremony  Ralph Lauren closing ceremony outfits

I love the fashionable sportswear from the Opening and Closing ceremonies. Ralph doesn’t typically disappoint so my hopes are high.

I love  gymnastics. LOVE gymnastics. I mean, who doesn’t remember Kerri Strug in the 1996 Olympics? On ONE leg! I think I cut out every newspaper article I could find about that moment.

Oh man! I love exciting wins. Remember this photo finish from BejingI also love swimmers. 



As a lover of London Transit Art, I immediately went over to the London Transit Museum’s website to see what posters they were selling. I picked a few of my favorites for you (above). Turns out I love official Olympic posters too.

I also love that NBC has made it nearly impossible to have any other song besides The Clash’s “London Calling” stuck in my head.

My absolute most favorite thing about the Olympics is all the emotion wrapped up in it. All the training and hard work that comes to a head over the next 2 weeks. From the heart wrenching personal stories of the athletes as told by Bob Costas (even though I don’t really like Bob Costas or any of the other sports commentators) to the metal winners standing on their respective podiums, it’s just so inspiring. How amazing must it be to hear your national anthem and see your flag raised with a metal around your neck? Goosebumps.

I also love that the Olympics are in London this year. 

Do you have a favorite Olympic event, athlete, anything? I’d love to hear.