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Jul 18 / jfletcher

Truckeroo & TaKorean.

Okay. Let me explain.  The subject of this blog post will make sense. First of all, let me apologize for ANOTHER food post. I think it’s the diet. If I can’t eat food, I have to write about it.

Second, I’d like you tell you a story. This past Friday, David and I attended Truckeroo down by Nationals Stadium in DC. What’s Truckeroo you ask? Well, I would describe it as a festival of food trucks. Once a month, about 20 food trucks park in this outdoor area dubbed The Bull Pen to sell food and drinks to the public. There is even live music. At the last Truckeroo event in June, a 90’s cover band named White Ford Bronco (parentheses O.J. Simpson) performed fantastic tunes. This time it was a jazz band. Equally fun. See. See how much fun we’re having.

Eating. Drinking. Jamming.

So far, my absolute most favorite meal has been the Korean BBQ taco from TaKorean. YUM. The bulgogi steak taco with spicy kimchi slaw (which is what I had) is pictured above. I want it.

To be totally honest, if you are dieting then Truckeroo may not be for you. There are way too many slices of pizza and pieces of cheesecake floating around. Chocolate covered pieces of cheesecake mind you. Oh and frozen Red Bull & vodka drinks. Enough to make even the strongest go weak. So, start saving those cheat meals and banking your points and I’ll see you in August!

Click to learn more about Truckeroo here.

On a diet but still want to dine out? Check out my friend’s new blog Dining Out Skinny. A blog based on finding the not so terrible things to eat at local DC restaurants.

Photo credits: David Abizaid and TaKorean.


  1. jacque / Jul 18 2012

    David’s a photographer too?!? Well done, sir. Well, just in case you needed a reminder of how fabulous you are, I’ve tagged you on my blog. You’ve earned a ribbon. Cue the ticker tape parade.

  2. Shannon / Jul 20 2012

    We plan on going in August too! We can be bad & cheat together…way worth it. LOVE the blog, btw. And thanks so much for the shout out 🙂

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