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Jul 11 / jfletcher

Vacation Mode.

David and I were away last week for the 4th of July holiday. Did you miss me? We started our trip in San Francisco to see a Giants game and then we drove across the mountains to meet up with his parents and continue on to Bridgeport, CA for the holiday festivities. We spent the rest of the week sleeping in, staying up late, drinking wine and chatting with family. I had a great time. If this past week has taught me anything though, it’s that I need to be on a permanent vacation. Retirement, here I come. Ha. No, really though, I think it’s pretty clear that I love the west coast and eventually want to live there. Where the heat is just heat and not humid. And were living on the water is a part of life. David and I talk about the idea of being bi-coastal all the time. This is like a million years off from actually happening but it’s fun to dream. We’ll have a home here on the east coast and an apartment in San Francisco. And a house on Lake Tahoe. And another on St. Tropez, obviously.

While we are on the subject of dreaming, I’d like my lake house to look like this.

I also want my legs to look that good in jean shorts. Or jorts. Whatever works for you.

Kelly Klein Kitchen Architectural Digest August 2012

Kelly Klein Kitchen Dining Architectural Digest August 2012

Kelly Klein Pool Architectural Digest August 2012

Give it to me.

Kelly Klein Bedroom Architectural Digest August 2012

These photos are of Kelly Klein’s Palm Beach home in the latest Architectural Digest. Despite the Florida location, I’d say this house is darn near perfect. I look forward to living in a similar home one day. Seriously. Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Photo credits: Nikalos Koenig for Architectural Digest.



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