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May 15 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Vanity Mirror and a Vote.

I just received this photo from a client. The wallpaper in her guest bathroom was installed today. YAY! So, here’s where we are now.

We’re having an extra long shower curtain made out of the same pattern. Ralph Lauren’s Nanking Original.

And we need a mirror. Here’s where you come in.


My client and I have been debating over the mirror for a couple days. Now that the wallpaper is up, it gives me (and my client!) a much better visual of what the final product will look like. But I’d like to hear from you! Which would you pick? Basic wood mirror to match the vanity? Or white lacquered bamboo mirror to “blend” with the wallpaper? Can’t go wrong with either one, if you ask me!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Photo credits: Annie, Ralph Lauren, Uttermost and Bungalow 5.


  1. karen / May 15 2012

    beautiful vanity!

  2. Chris / May 16 2012

    White!!! I vote white – the wood matching I feel will make the bathroom look old or look like it still needs to be redone. The white is fresh and shows style – it’s interesting.

  3. Jessica / May 16 2012


  4. Maria / May 16 2012

    Between the shower curtain and the paper, I think you need something to stand out and not blend into the wall…I vote for a wood mirror!

  5. Iwantthat / May 16 2012

    White one… Duh!

  6. jacque / May 16 2012

    White. I think it’ll be amazing against the wallpaper. The brown will draw attention to the vanity whereas the white will accent the wallpaper without being overwhelming.

  7. Sam / May 17 2012

    I vote wood — I think the white one would get lost in the wallpaper.

  8. christy / Jun 4 2012

    white! (yes, i know i’m late to the party)

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