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May 11 / jfletcher

The second edition of Flawless.

It’s not totally often that I see a room that is flawless. I can be a tough critic. I think it’s much easier to find fault in things, isn’t it? It’s not a great habit but it’s how I tend to view things. But every now and then a photo like this comes along and it’s so perfectly executed that I can’t pin point anything, not one thing, that I don’t appreciate and understand. It’s flawless. The second time in the history of this blog that I have given this ranking to any one or any photo (See the first Flawless post is here).

During an art class I took in High School,  my teacher would ask her students to write down reactions to paintings and artwork in a notebook we kept throughout the semester. She would periodically collect them and grade our notes. We were never just allowed to say “I like this” or more importantly, “I hate this”. We always had to explain ourselves. Explain why. But today, I don’t have an explanation. I just really like this room. I’m sorry, Ms. Davis. Like I said, it’s pretty darn flawless and I think that’s enough.

Sometimes I think about that notebook and how that exercise of explaining myself prepared me for this blog. Ms. Davis always commented that she liked my writing because I write how I talk. Which is something I do on this blog. I write what I’m feeling or what I want to say in an effort to explain why I do or don’t like something. Sometimes it’s not pretty (I’m talking to you, grammer), but I do it anyway. So, thanks for reading along. And thanks for the practice, Ms. Davis. Hey, since I’m thanking people today, I’d like to thank The Pearson Blog for mentioning the High Point Market trends post I wrote about here. I’m honored and I appreciate the shout out! Thank you!

Photo credits: Windsor Smith’s Facebook page.


  1. chris / May 11 2012

    I love this room – it is flawless and beautiful!!!

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