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Apr 30 / jfletcher

The aftermath of High Point.

I’m sorry for disappearing on you all last week. You might not believe me when I say this, but I did sit down at my computer a handful of times to blog for you. But I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t get any words out. At least not any good ones. And definitely not enough to form complete sentences. I think I was on complete design overload from Market. That and by the time I finished working with my clients on their projects, my creative juices were on E.

A long time ago, I came across an article on Design*Sponge sharing tips to avoid burn out. It was one the “Biz Ladies” posts. Do you ever read those? I always refer back to that article when I am in moods like I was last week. It really helps me focus my creativity (and not feel bad when I don’t have any). My favorite part of that article is under tip #2. It reads, “Creative people have productivity cycles, big time. Which means you may have really productive periods, followed by quiet ones.” A good message even if you aren’t in the “biz”. So, see. I had to disappear last week. Design*Sponge told me so.

Photo credits: Little Fashion Prayer.