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Apr 18 / jfletcher

On the hunt.

My mission today is to track down two things. And I’m not coming back until I find them. They will be mine. Oh yes. This could take hours. Days even.

#1. Sensible shoes. I need something to wear to the High Point Furniture Market this weekend. Lots of walking. Finding a balanced mix of comfort and style is always challenging.

#2. The highly anticipated return of Domino magazine. I must find the Quick Fixes special edition. I am so, so jealous of the bigger cities that already have the publication. I mean, I live in our nation’s capital. How do we not have our copies yet?

Photo credits: Her Blog and Domino.


  1. Karen T / Apr 27 2012

    Wait, Domino is coming back??! This is life changing! Thanks!

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