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Apr 17 / jfletcher

Exterior House Transformation.

Okay, so you guys asked for it. The transformation of the house.

It all started on Friday. That afternoon we had the painter come give us an estimate and I tackled a little landscaping. The ugliest bush in the world was removed. I’m not even going to show you before picture of that thing. Just imagine the ugliest bush you have ever seen and then set it on fire. That’s what my bush looked like. So, yeah, ripping that sucker out was a huge step… and very therapeutic.

  Rustoleum Titanium Silver

Armed with my carefully selected Ben Moore colors and a couple my favorite products leftover from other DIY projects, the transformation began early Saturday morning.


I should explain the spray paint a bit. You might remember a post about my love for RustOleum Universal Metallic spray paint. Still the best. It really looks like metal. After spending a boat load at Home Depot buying all new accessories for the porch (new house numbers, mail slot, door knob and deadbolt) not one of them worked out. The hole for the lockset was too small. The house numbers were so unbelievable complicated to install. The mail slot had hinges that wouldn’t open in the existing cut out. Stupid things like that. I hate Home Depot. So, I had to spray paint ALL of the old accessories. No way I was going to put gross things back on my super clean and freshly painted house.

Front porch in between photo

Here’s where we were Sunday morning. Painting done. Since professional landscaping will need to wait a bit longer (mostly or financial reasons but also because we need the azaleas to bloom before we can move them) I just had to add a little something green to the front the house.

Pots from the nursery

I accompanied my buddy Tim to a nearby nursery to pick out some plants. Tim is a landscape architect and has been gracious enough to help David and I with a plan for the entire house. He answered all my questions. All of them. Does this work the shade or direct sunlight? What’s bumper crop? Can you just plant this for me? He’s been a great help. We settled on some boxwoods, Jensen boxwoods to be exact, that will only gown about 2′ over the next 15 years. They never need to be repotted. Just occasionally pruned and watered. My kind of plant.

I wanted boxwood like these. Nice and full and round. Topiary style.

But I could only afford skimpy guys like these. Plants are expensive. This just in.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The after of the house. Well, not really. It’s just the beginning. We have the landscaping to do, new posts on the porch, new lighting and a new walk way. But it’s a good start. We’re happy.

So is Gus. No really, he loves it.

Photo credits: Me.


  1. Maria / Apr 17 2012

    The house looks great!! Can I come over!?

  2. Sherry / Apr 17 2012

    Beautiful! Great work! Plants really ARE expensive. I’m with you.

  3. Jacque / Apr 28 2012

    I’m so impressed! You’ve inspired me to work on my garden/jungle.

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