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Apr 12 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Before and After Photos of a Living Room

Yesterday, was an install day at Cline Rose Designs. I spent the majority of my day moving furniture, accessorizing, arranging flowers, and accessorizing some more in client’s now bright, stylish, and super happy Living Room. Even though I swore to myself that I would wait for the real deal, I’m dying to show you the results now. So, I know that these aren’t professional photos or anything, but I am way too excited to keep this project to myself. I never said I was patient. Besides, my clients and I (mostly my clients) spent 7 extra unplanned weeks waiting for the sofa fabric to arrive from Thailand. It was a long wait but I think you’ll agree it was worth it.

The befores. Please hold your applause until the end.


  And the afters! Yippee!

Cline Rose Designs living room after photos

Need a larger tray. I want one just like the little guy that’s there only huge.

Cline Rose Designs living room after photos

And as I mentioned yesterday, a throw is needed to drape over one of those red chairs.

We are getting window seats made out of the same pink/orange pillow fabric but in turquoise/green (as seen on the inspiration board). And we are going to add an enormous sisal rug under the existing rug and furniture.

Cline Rose Designs living room after photos   

How amazing is that painting. Thank you, Michelle Armas!

Please excuse the poor iPhone camera quality. As I said, I just couldn’t contain myself. When I post the professional photos of this same room, please rumor me and pretend to be surprised. We have the Dining Room to photograph, too. You can be genuinely surprised for those pictures.

And now a little about this room: The sofa and chair frames are all from J.Redmond (one of the top two upholstery companies out there if you ask me). The sofa, chair, and pillow fabric are all from Jim Thompson’s No.9 line (including the window seat cushions that are not pictured). The ottoman with the most beautiful faux leather in the most prefect teal color is Century (big thanks to Debbie for the assist here) and the drum tables are Henredon. Large painting is “Happy Birthday” by Michelle Armas. Holy cow is that piece good looking. Photos, especially iPhone photos, don’t do it justice. Maybe my client will invite you over to admire it one day. Many of the accessories (and the other piece of art) already belonged to my clients, but I added a few new pieces that I collected from my trips to Home Goods, Target, World Market, and Civitan. The rug is one-of-a-kind that my clients picked up in India (which is what inspired the design and color scheme for this space). It all comes full circle.

Photo credits: Little old me.


  1. hardtoimpress / Apr 12 2012

    The obnoxious applause you heard around picture five was me. I just couldn’t help myself!

  2. mbwife / Apr 17 2012

    I love the pink-orange color! How inspiring! I want something like that for my office. Really beautiful.

    • cline rose / Apr 22 2012

      Thanks for the comment! That fabric is actually a bright orange and hot pink paisley-esque print. Hard to see in the photos but it is gorgeous!! Great combo.

  3. Kavita / May 24 2012

    It looks amazing in print as well. We love the room! Joanna, you have done an amazing job. It’s relaxed yet modern and incorporates our travel, memories and so much more while bringing in new, chic pieces. Thank you!

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