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Mar 22 / jfletcher

Today is not Friday.

I thought today was Friday. But it’s not. It’s only Thursday. Worst realization of my life. So, to cushion the blow, I decided to tune into last night’s episode of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis over my morning coffee. We’re on week two of the series and I haven’t even mentioned it at all on this blog. I kinda of feel like a traitor to Jeff and to Bravo. So, let’s dish.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the format change. Why mess with Flipping Out?  Flipping Out will always be on my favorite list, along with most of Bravo’s programming.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

The idea of the show is to send Jeff, and his assistant Jenny, to people’s homes that need help for a wide range of reasons. They have 5 days onsite to tackle the project and get to the bottom of what’s really going on between the couple that caused the problem in the first place. Jeff and Jenny actually move in. Interior Designer, therapist and house-guest? Hmmmmm. This isn’t the Jeff I love. I like sassy Jeff. Who is this do-gooder impostor?!

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

But then in one of the promos, in true Flipping Out fashion Jeff said, “Do you call rich people hoarders? I don’t know” and I was back on track. That’s my Jeff.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

I used to work for a designer that had a long career in mental health before perusing her passion of interior design. She used to tell clients that she did “heads and houses” which always received a solid laugh. But there is something to be said for that. As designers, we spend a lot of time in client’s homes and see all kinds of things behind closed doors. And a huge part of our job is to make your home, and ultimately your life, work better for you. So, I get it. I do, Bravo. I gotcha.

Jenny from Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis   Jeff from Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

So, what do you think? I’m totally hooked. Even David said last weeks episode was “acceptable” which is a huge break through. If we could just work on getting him to find the Housewives series “acceptable”…

Photo credits: Bravo.


  1. Jessica / Mar 22 2012

    Aaron actually kept “flipping” back to it, ha. Love Jeff Lewis, and today is MY Friday! Hooray!

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