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Mar 21 / jfletcher

Under Armour Headbands.

I don’t know about you, but I like to look like I’m a serious athlete when I’m working out. Emphasis on look. Instead of actually working out, I like to just dress the part.  Totally look the part. I have found that a good headband is the best faux-athlete accessory. Headbands send the message that you’re so into your work out that you can’t even be bothered by hair falling in your face. I actually feel skinnier (and kind of like a bad ass) when I wear one. No joke. And the best hand band? Under Armour. Under Armour Women’s Mini-Headband II, to be exact. Those suckers do not move. No re-adjusting. No slipping. Just serious headband action at my desk the gym.

Photo credits: Under Armour.