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Mar 16 / jfletcher

Thoughts on Jon Call.

While I was flipping through the latest issue of House Beautiful yesterday, I noticed this photo, designed by Jon Call, and gave it a quick once over. At first I didn’t think much of it, but as I was turning the page, I kept looking back at it. I couldn’t really take my eyes off of it. Even though I didn’t find the photo to be particularly interesting, I was definitely interested. I revisited the photo about twice more with this same internal discussion (Do I like this? Do I hate this?) before ultimately deciding that I really do love it.

Jon Call in House Beautiful

But what I love more is that this photo made me think. That’s a sign of great design right there. It pains me to say this now, but at first I didn’t think this room had much character. I’ve seen it before kinda thing. But as you look closer there are so many amazing details that are executed with pure perfection. The scale and symmetry of each piece is implemented with such care. See, my problem with eclectic spaces is that it can look thrown together and jumbled, like there isn’t really a design plan in place, even if there is one. But in this case, Jon Call, pulls off the eclectic look, or as I like to call it the collected look, with impeccable* skill. I’m really impressed. Under the photo in the House Beautiful article, there is quote from Jon Call himself about this design. It reads:

The Best American design is a melting pot of styles. In this living room I’ve got a French mirror, Asian tables, midcentury lamps, and an English Regency sofa pulled to crazy long proportions. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

So, tell me. What are your thoughts on the photo above? Do you like? Do you love? Do you hate? And more importantly tell me why. Please.

*By the way, when I looked up a synonym for impeccable one option I read was apple-pie. Okay. While having apple-pie skill sounds pretty amazing, it’s not exactly what I think of when I discussing design.

Photo credits: Philip Ficks for House Beautiful.


  1. Jessica / Mar 29 2012

    I’m not in love with it, I’m sorry. While I love the small leather ottoman, I don’t love it’s older brother right next to it. It just seems a bit hotel room to me, albeit- a really nice hotel room! It also could be the ever so slight mauve-y sofa against the stark white wall.

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