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Feb 29 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Evolution of a Built-in Bookcase.

I’ve been dying to share with you updates on what’s happening with one of my client projects. You might remember reading about it from this post. I was over at my client’s this morning and things are really coming along! The lights are all in and the Living Room and Dining Rooms rugs were just delivered. But that’s for another blog post. Today, I wanted to show you some progress shots of the Family Room.

 The Family Room color scheme began with the photo above. The mix of reds and greens are just breathtaking. Mixing (and balancing) two bold colors like this can be tricky. One wrong move and we have ourselves a merry little Christmas.

I found this wallpaper from Schumacher which couldn’t be more perfect. Side note: I haven’t met a Schumacher wallpaper that I don’t like. But this one in particular is just want I wanted. The colors are SPOT on. The background color of this wallpaper is almost exactly the wall paint we used (Ralph Lauren Sisal). ┬áThis print/color combo sparked the design for the rest of the space (which I will share in another What I’m Working On post). I knew instantly I wanted to use the wallpaper behind the built-in shelves in the Family Room AND as an anchor for everything else we are doing. It’s amazing what this print does for the space. Honestly, without it the rest of the fabrics and colors don’t make any sense.

Speaking of the built-ins, here they are back in November when my client first closed on the house. Do you love the lawn chairs? It’s the newest hottest trend in design.

This a photo I took over the holidays once work began. Here you can see the new floors (hardwoods to match the rest of the house) and progress of the painting.

And finally, this photo was taken earlier this month. At this point, my client started moving things into her home. And my faux artist, Karen, is hard at work glazing the built-ins (she’s kneeling down in the right corner). Bedsides the wallpaper (which was just ordered today), the finishing touch will be accessorizing all those shelves. You can actually see the wallpaper sample hanging up on the wall above Karen (on the right). A nice little teaser for you. Can you picture it along that entire back wall? GORG.

Photo credits: Decorati, Schumacher and Me.


  1. Chris / Mar 1 2012

    J- u r so amazing!!! I can’t wait till we can actually start my project. Am waking up in a crappy hotel this morning and all I can think of is my built- ins now!!

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